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Amber slipped her other arm around his neck, linking her fingers loosely. She couldn’t help but turn the corners of her lips up into a small smile as she felt his hands move to her ass. “You do want this, right?” Amber asked, her tone overly cautious. She liked to force people to do stuff all the time but it was different when it came to sex, she liked that to be a two sided agreement.

“Do think i would be here if i didn’t?” he said, and looked at her. “no second thoughts.” he added, and smiled a little. He really didn’t see that one coming, that she would ask if he were sure about this, sins she had invited him over. But whatever, things were going to happen, he just knew it some how. And he liked the though of something happening.

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    letting his hands go over her nippes, he listened to her moan, it made him slightly crazy and kissed her like he meant...
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    Amber paused for a moment, not to question whether what they were doing was right, because there was nothing that felt...